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You will be registered as a full-time UAF student for each semester that you are away, so no matter which program you participate in you will remain eligible for most financial aid and scholarships (including the UA Scholars Program and Performance Scholarship), as well as the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

The cost for each student will vary depending on the program, length of stay, type and number of services provided, cost of living, transportation, etc. There may be additional expenses for visa processing and immigration documents.

Costs to Consider when evaluating programs

Expenses to Consider for any program:
  • Application fee (both for the UAF application and your host university/program provider)
  • Tuition and mandatory fees
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Airfare from Alaska to host location
  • Passport fee (either new or renewal) - must be valid at least six months after program end date
  • Student Visa or Residence Permit fees (including travel costs associated with required in-person interviews, if applicable)
  • Books and Supplies
  • Transportation (bus, taxi, subway; consider local travel to and from school or personal travel you'd like to do within the region you are located)
  • Incidentals (such as toiletries, snacks, clothing, gifts, etc.)
  • Communication (cell phone, international calling card, internet, etc.)
  • Immunizations
  • Health Insurance (required by our office; some host countries also require insurance which would be in addition to the UAF-required plan)
  • Spending money
Study Abroad programs sponsored by program providers (e.g. API, KEI, ISA, etc.) typically include many items in their fee.  Typical items can (not always) include:
  •         Tuition
  •         Accommodation
  •         Some meals
  •         Health Insurance
  •         Trips to nearby areas to your program location
  •         Visa support
You will want to do your research on each program you are considering to determine what is covered by the program fees and what additional expenses you might expect.

How much more money might you need in comparison to a semester or year staying at UAF? It will depend on your program type and location, whether you will be paying UAF tuition, your own personal spending habits (students tend to travel more while away), and more.

You can download a budget worksheet to help in your planning of a semester or year away that you can access here: 2021-2022 Budget Worksheet

Students can request an increased release of federal funding to help cover the costs of study away (such as airfare, visa fees, and other fees that may increase your cost of attendance while on a program) through the Budget Revision Request in the Financial Aid Office.

Need more funding to help in your pursuit of study away? Find scholarship resources here.