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How to Apply

Research programs

  • Look for a program that fits your needs in our list of affiliated programs.  Some factors to take into account are:
    • Minimum requirements of that program (GPA, language, class standing, etc.)
    • Size of city and/or university.
    • Courses offered.
    • Finances.
  • Meet with a Study Away Advisor.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how your plans for international education fit into your degree program here at UAF, especially as your degree may have certain restrictions.  Also, you can discuss what courses you might take.
  • Talk with international students, visiting NSE students, or returned UAF students, about the education and the school, city, or country, you're interested in.

Apply by the Deadline

Deadlines tend to fall on the same date each year, though if the deadline date happens to be on the weekend, the deadline will be the following Monday. You may apply on this website by going to the program page of the program you are interested in, and clicking 'apply now'.

International/north2north Exchange and Study Abroad

  • Japan Programs: November 1 for the following Academic Year
  • Fall, Academic Year, or Summer: March 1
  • Spring and Calendar Year: October 1

National Student Exchange

  • Priority: March 1 (limited placements are available after this date; please visit the NSE application page for more info.)
  • Fall and Academic Year: April 15
  • Spring: October 1

Apply for a program: Using this site to start an application

Applications are all online; we do not have any paper applications to fill out.  Please follow the instructions to learn how to use this system.

Now, you can log back in and out of the system as often as you need to complete your application:

login screenscreenshot of applicant view

NOTE for National Student Exchange and Japan Applications!

Students who wish to apply for either the National Student Exchange or to a university in Japan will follow the same steps as detailed above, but there is only one "program" to apply to, no matter which school the student wishes to go to.
  • Students who are applying to do an exchange or study abroad program in Japan in order to fulfill their degree requirement, will complete the Japan Application.

Next Steps to Keep in Mind

Most programs require you to complete additional items once you have been accepted through our office.  This may include additional application fees.
  • Study Abroad Students - You will also have to complete an application with your program provider.  You can do this at any point during the UAF Application process.
  • International/north2north Students - Students will be nominated to the exchange university by our office, after which they will receive application materials for their program.
  • National Student Exchange - Once you have been placed at a university, our office will hold a mandatory meeting where you will sign paperwork to confirm your placement.  After this is complete, your host school will be in contact with you regarding other documents they may need to finalize your admission.