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Exchange and Study Abroad

All approvals are granted via the AESA Advising Agreement for Exchange or Study Abroad Students.  This form may be completed before, during, or after the student's time abroad.  However, any credit granted through the School of Management (ACCT, BA, ECON) for a School of Management degree must be approved prior to the student's departure.  In order for a department to grant approval, the student may need to provide documentation about the course, such as a course description, syllabus, or coursework.

Per the Advising Agreement, credits will appear on the student's UAF transcript as electives in the appropriate department at the appropriate level (for example, BIOL 296, SPAN 396, ECON 496; the -96 designator indicates international elective credits).   Lower-division electives require approval from an advisor in that department; upper-division elective credits require approval from that department's chair.
If the course taken abroad is similar enough to a course offered at UAF, credit may be granted not for elective credits but for that specific UAF class, such as ENGL/FL 200X or LING 420; approval from the chair of that department is required.  Some UAF courses are more flexible than others; for example, core science requirements are difficult to meet abroad as many international science courses do not include a lab component.
All graduate credits, elective and specific, require approval from the student's advisor and the department chair.
All information on each transcript (all classes, credits, and grades) must appear on the student's UAF transcript, and all grades from the host university/institution will be factored into the student's UAF GPA.
In some cases, students may have to petition for courses to fulfill specific degree requirements.  This must be completed after the international credits have been posted to the student's UAF transcript.


Type of Credit to Appear on your UAF Transcript Need an Advising Agreement? Need Approval from an Advisor in that Department? Need Approval from that Department's Chair?
Lower-division elective credit Yes Yes No
Upper-division elective credit Yes No Yes
Specific UAF class Yes No Yes
Any graduate credit Yes Yes Yes

We have created an Info Sheet for advisors and departments to explain some further details about how study away credits can be evaluated at UAF.


Equivalencies for Study Away

We have developed several 'equivalency guides' for many of our partner universities. If a student is attending an institution not on this list, we either utilize the study abroad provider resource (usually included with the host transcript, but they also provide details on the program information page) or WES database for grade conversions.

Credit equivalencies differ depending on host country or institution. One of the most common credits are ECTS. 2 ECTS credits equals 1 UAF credit.