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Often, our office may use terminology on our website or on your application that you may not be familiar with.  Please see the definitions below for the most common terms.  If there is one you believe should be added to the list, please let us know!

Advising Agreement - a document you complete as a student to request how the courses you plan to take during your program will come back to UAF

Assessment - a required part of your application, this is essentially a quiz to test your comprehension of items pertaining to your program; these cover items we believe are important to understand before you attend your program

Bilateral Exchange - see the term "Exchange"; it is the same

Exchange - a study away program with a partner university/institution in which a UAF student pays their current rate of tuition (plus some fees) to UAF and the tuition is waived at the host.  This term is also generally used to include programs through north2north exchanges; if you do not see both Exchange and north2north listed separately, both are implied.

Home - refers to the campus where you attend as a degree-seeking student, either UAF, UAA or UAS.

Host - refers to the university that you are applying to study at; can be a university or a program provider (such as API, AIFS, etc.)

IPI - the acronym for our office, International Programs & Initiatives

Learning Content - an item in your application that you need to read or watch to gain a better understanding of things to consider for your program or to explain certain aspects of your application

Material Document - part of your application, these are items our office needs to receive to complete your application; some are completed by IPI and are a way for you to monitor the status of your application (they will be marked as such if it is IPI's responsibility)

north2north Exchange - a study away program with a university in the University of the Arctic consortium.  Tuition payment is the same as for an exchange.  IPI has a north2north Scholarship that students can apply to, that are only applicable to exchanges within north2north.

NSE - acronym for the National Student Exchange

PAF - acronym for the Placement Acceptance Form (see below)

Placeholder Credit - these are the credits that IPI enroll you in during your time away for you to continue being a full-time student even while you are away; these credits remain on your transcript until your credits have been transferred as according to the Advising Agreements

Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) - this is a document for NSE students that detail the conditions of their placement at the host campus; this document is signed by the student after a successful placement to accept the conditions

Plan A - this is a payment plan option with the National Student Exchange; with this plan, students pay all tuition (at the host in-state rate) and fees to their host campus on a credit per credit basis

Plan B - this is a payment plan option with the National Student Exchange; with this plan, students pay tuition and fees to UAF at their normal rate (resident, non-resident, or WUE) equal to 15 credits; course specific fees, housing, and all other items pertaining to their exchange are paid to the host campus

Pre-Decision - refering to the status of your application, this is the phase before you have been accepted to Study Away through IPI

Post-Decision - refering to the status of your application, this is the phase after you have been approved for Study Away and before you participate in your program; once you enter this phase, a new set of application materials will appear which are required to remain eligible to participate

Program - refers to the university/program provider you applied to and includes all types: Exchange, north2north Exchange, Study Abroad, and National Student Exchange

Program Provider - these are companies that set up the different study abroad opportunities; UAF is affiliated with Academic Programs International (API), AHA International (AHA), Alliance for Global Education, the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), GlobaLinks Learning Abroad (Globalinks), International Studies Abroad (ISA), the Institute for Study Abroad-Butler University (IFSA-Butler), and Semester at Sea.  There are many more providers out there, and UAF students can complete an Independent Program application if they want to participate in a program with a provider that UAF does not partner with.

Questionnaire - these are application items you must complete which will provide us more details about certain aspects we need to know

Signature Document - this is an item in your application that you digitally sign to show your understanding of important items pertaining to your program

Study Abroad - a study away program typically through a program provider, but can also be an independent program or with a partner university where you do not receive a tuition waiver at the host.  Tuition is paid to someone other than UAF.

Study Away - a general term used to include all programs: Exchange, north2north, Study Abroad, and National Student Exchange

Term - the semester(s) you plan to study away; i.e. Spring 2014, Summer 2014, ect.

UArctic / University of the Arctic - this is an organization made up of a consortium of universities and institutions whose mission is to empower the people of the Circumpolar North by providing unique educational and research opportunities through collaboration within a powerful network of members

Visa / Residence Permit - this is an immigration document that is different from a passport and that a student applies for after acceptance to their program that, essentially, is permission for the student to study in the host country by the host country government; visa requirements and fees vary from country to country, and researching what is required is part of the application process for students wishing to apply for an international program