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During and After your Program

While You're Abroad

Keep in touch

Let us know how your time abroad is going.  We love to have updates.  You can e-mail us, or even arrange a conversation by Skype or Zoom.  We have no requirements for you checking in, but we like to hear from you, and it's likely we will be checking in with you, as well!


After You Return

Transfer your credit home

Once you have completed your time abroad, you can work with our office and your department to determine how you wish your courses to come back and apply at UAF. Please keep in mind that ALL COURSES that appear on your host transcript must appear on your UAF records.  Refer to our page on receiving credit from your host institution for more information.

Come see us

Make an appointment to come sit down with Nicole to talk about your experience abroad.  We use your feedback to continuously refine how we advise students and to help prepare future students for exchange and study abroad.

Share your experience

Talk with us about how you can share your experience with the UAF and Fairbanks community.  One of the most valuable parts of going abroad is being able to share the lessons you learned with others.