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Academic Calendar for Important UAF Deadlines:
UAF Payment Options:
How to enroll in Direct Deposit to receive your refund faster:
Financial Aid Forms (Budget Forecast and Budget Revision):
FERPA Release Form: (under 'Miscellaneous')
Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
Advising Agreement Information: NSE / International

Registration at UAF

First Semester Away

The UAF Registration Form and the Individual Study Approval Form that you sign before you start your program will register you at UAF for the first semester you will be away.   During your time away, your transcript will show that you are registered for exchange, study abroad, or NSE credits, and that your grades are deferred (DF).

Second and Subsequent Semesters Abroad (if applicable)

The Study Away office will complete a UAF Registration Form for you before your second and subsequent semesters away, and this and the other Individual Study Approval Form(s) that you signed before you left will register you at UAF.   Again, your transcript will show that you are registered for exchange, study abroad, or NSE credits, and that your grades are deferred (DF).  

First Semester Back at UAF

The Study Away Advisor will send you a reminder about upcoming term registration when the course list is posted.   Prior to having access to register, you will need to meet with your regular advisor. If you or your advisor have any questions about how your study away credits will come in to UAF, please be sure to email us!


Fee payment at UAF

All UAF Fee Payment deadlines still apply to you.   You will be charged late fees if you miss any fee payment deadlines.

All fees are paid on a per-semester basis.   You will be registered at UAF only after all of your pre-departure items in the study away portal are completed.

All students going outside of the US must purchase one of two approved insurance plans in order to be registered for placeholder credits.

If you are having someone handle your Office of the Bursar affairs for you, please let that office know before you go and be sure to have a FERPA release on file.

Exchange Students

In addition to a one-time $50 application fee, the UAF Fee Payment for each semester you are abroad:

  • 15 undergraduate UAF credits (7 lower-division and 8 upper-division credits) or 9 graduate UAF credits at your normal rate: resident, WUE, or non-resident rate
  • $500 Study Away fee
  • Network fee equaling 4% of your UAF tuition

You are responsible to your host institution for all other fees, such as housing and meals.

Study Abroad Students

You will be registered as a full-time UAF student while you are away, though the majority of your fees will be paid to your program provider.  In addition to a one-time $50 application fee, what you owe to UAF by the Fee Payment Deadline for each semester you are abroad includes:

  • a $500 Study Away fee

You are responsible to your Study Abroad Program Provider for all other fees.

**If you are relying on UAF financial aid to cover some of your provider costs, you should request a Budget Forecast form from the Financial Aid office and request a deferral of that amount you expect from UAF. Most providers will extend the due date for any expected amount from UAF to be after UAF's release date for aid (10 days prior to UAF's semester start date).

National Student Exchange, Host Pay (Plan A) Students

You will be registered as a full-time UAF student during your semesters away.  Host pay students are required to pay a one-time $50 application fee. What you owe to UAF by the Fee Payment Deadline for each semester you are away includes:
  • a $500 Study Away fee each semester.
You are responsible to your host university for all other tuition and fees.
National Student Exchange, Home Pay (Plan B) Students
In addition to a $50 application fee to UAF during the application process, Home Pay students will be required to pay to UAF each semester:
  • 15 undergraduate UAF credits (7 lower-division and 8 upper-division credits) or 9 graduate UAF credits at your normal, resident or non-resident rate
  • $500 Study Away fee
  • Mandatory student fees: $750
  • 4%-of-tuition network charge
You are responsible to your host university for all other fees, such as housing and meals. Students going to Canada will also be required to purchase Travel Insurance.

You may pay your fees to UAF:

  • Online via UAOnline using a credit card or electronic funds transfer from a US bank.
  • By post (UAF Office of the Bursar, 1st Floor Signers’ Hall, P.O. Box 757640 , Fairbanks,  AK 99775-7640) using a check.

For more information or for help with paying your fees, contact the UAF Office of the Bursar at or 1-907-474-7384.


Financial aid and scholarships

Be sure to inform the Financial Aid Office that you will be studying away, as this may affect the amount of aid you receive.   Be sure to request that paperwork for all outside sources of funding, especially scholarships, include your name and social security number.   Failure to do so may result in disbursement delays.

If you are having someone handle your Financial Aid or banking affairs for you, you may consider appointing someone with power of attorney. You will also want to ensure you complete a FERPA release form.

While you’re away

If you are applying for a UA Foundation Scholarship, be sure to explain on your application form that you are on a UAF-sponsored program and that your UAF transcript will be updated upon receipt of grades from your host institution. The Study Away office can produce a memo for you if needed.

Make arrangements to receive financial aid and scholarship application forms while you are away for your first academic year back at UAF.   Many forms are available on the internet; otherwise, contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

When you return

You will receive your financial aid only after UAF has received confirmation, directly from your host institution or program provider, of satisfactory completion of coursework and full-time enrollment. This is often in the form of a transcript.

Your contact at the Financial Aid Office is Associate Director Julie Parshall (1-907-474-5372).


Health insurance

UAF requires all students going abroad to have health insurance coverage.   Students on International or north2north Exchange or NSE students to Canada, you must purchase the student health insurance coverage provided by one of our approved providers.   Some domestic NSE campuses require incoming students to purchase their health insurance, regardless of whether you already have coverage.

If you are a Study Abroad student with one of our approved providers, your program provider will provide insurance coverage as part of your program price.

Be sure to verify the length of coverage and make other arrangements if you plan to travel outside of those dates.


Housing at UAF

If you live in on-campus housing and would like to continue to do so after your return to UAF, you can either leave your housing deposit on file with Residence Life (they will hold your deposit for up to a year, but if you will be gone longer, just let them know), or you may cancel your housing and reapply (with a new deposit) before your return.

All Residence Life deadlines will still apply to you while you are abroad.

Keep in touch with Residence life by email at, especially prior to your return to campus.


Post Office

If you have a post office box on campus and wish to keep it while you are away, make sure it’s paid for on time.   When your mailbox fees are coming due, you will get a notice in your mailbox; you may pay at the post office directly, or through UAOnline.

If you would like someone to check your mailbox for you while you are gone, as long as they have your key, they have full access (mail, packages, etc.) to your mailbox.   If you’d like someone who doesn’t have your key to have access to your mailbox, let the post office know that person’s identity, either in writing or over the phone.

You may choose to have your mail forwarded.   Though we strongly discourage this, you may have your 1st-class mail (no magazines, packages, etc.) forwarded to your international address (it may arrive with postage due).    If forwarding mail, we recommend sending it to a U.S. address.

If you have any questions, please contact the UAF Campus Post Office, P.O. Box 750100 Fairbanks , AK 99775-0100 , 1-907-474-7215, 1-907-474-7884 (fax).

The above information is about the campus post office.   For other post offices, most of the information still applies, but contact your local post office for more information.


Permanent Fund Dividend

If you participate in an UAF-approved exchange or study abroad program (including internships for credit), you will remain eligible for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.  The year(s) following your time abroad, in addition to the regular application materials, you will also need to submit an Education Verification Form (scroll down the alphbetized list).

Print this form out, fill in the "Students" information, and sign it.  Then, either fax it to the UAF Registrar's Office (1-907-474-7097), or scan and email it to  (The Registrar's Office does need your signature and your social security number in order to process this form.)  Be sure to fill out the form for the correct calendar year!

NB: The Registrar's Office is only able to verify your dates of enrollment at UAF, not at your host institution.

After processing the form, the Registrar's Office will send it directly to the PFD Division Office in Juneau unless you indicate in writing to have the form sent elsewhere.

International students and visitors to UAF in F, J, and H status are not eligible to apply for the PFD.