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Prospective Students

Helpful Resources for Prospective Visiting Students

We are glad you are interested in becoming a visiting student to UAF! We are able to accept students for a semester or year-long program on an exchange or study abroad basis. If you are nominated and approved to be a UAF exchange student from a partner university (see a list of international partners here; north2north partners are found here), you will receive a tuition waiver during your studies at UAF. We also have study abroad placements if an exchange placement is not available.

We also accept students from US and Canadian institutions who are part of the National Student Exchange. We accept students on both Host (paying in-state tuition to UAF) or Home (tuition waived at UAF) payment.

If you are an international student attending a university we do not have a partnership with, we are able to accept you as a study abroad student as long as your home university will accept credit from UAF towards your home degree program requirements.

For more information for how to apply to study as a visiting student at UAF, please click here.

This page is intended to provide you guidance on finding information about UAF and things to consider as you plan your future studies here. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for at the sites below, feel free to send us questions by email.

Learn more about Fairbanks and UAF here!

Click the following links to find information on the topics listed below: