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Study Away Resources

Helpful Sites to Research and Prepare for Studying Away

The following are a list of sites where you can research different study away programs, read articles and reviews about studying away, look for scholarships, and prepare for your study away experience! 

Planning Documents

  • Budget Worksheet - use this document to estimate how much more a semester away might cost in comparison to if you stayed at UAF

Useful Reading Material

Most of these are used for student preparing to depart for their programs abroad, but can also be useful as students investigate programs in their desired host country and things to consider as they prepare to apply.

Other Helpful Resources


Important UAF Contacts

  • UAF Financial Aid Office
  • UAF Office of the Bursar
  • Nicole Balazs, Study Away Program Manager and Advisor: 1-907-474-6516,
  • Kaydee van Flein, Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities: 1-907-474-7234,
  • Stacey Schmidt, Counselor: 1-907-474-7043,
24-Hour Emergency Contacts
  • UAF Police Department: 1-907-474-7721
  • UAA Police Department: 1-907-786-1120

Helpful Forms

  • Financial Aid Budget Revision Request Form - use this form to request increased federal aid to cover additional expenses (such as passport fees, airfare, visa costs, and more)
  • Education Verification Form for PFD application (You need to have the UAF Office of Admissions and the Registrar complete it for you)
  • FERPA Release Form - if you need someone to conduct business with UAF on your behalf (NOTE: Does not have an expiration date; if you want to cancel a previous release, you must complete another FERPA to revoke access)

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