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Planning Resources

If there are other planning documents you think would be helpful, please contact the Study Away Advisor with your ideas!

Semester by semester planning sheet

You can use this worksheet in conjunction with Degreeworks to determine which semester might be best to go on a program. This can also help you to plan which courses you might want to save for your semester(s) away to keep you on track towards finishing your degree! Click the image to download a pdf version. There are also landscape versions that you can find on the Academic Advising Center website.
semester plan for study away

Budget Worksheet

This worksheet auto-calculates costs based on the timeframe you plan to be away (summer, semester, or year), the type of tuition you pay to UAF, housing, type of program you have chosen, etc. The current version is based on tuition costs at UAF for 2021-2022. Click the image to download the Excel worksheet.
budget worksheet

Staying at UAF versus Study Away Cost Comparison

A worksheet students can utilize to briefly compare a semester/year at UAF versus different study away program options. This document is a work-in-progress, new verisions may be uploaded in the future. The excel version would allow students to do automatic calculations as well as add rows for additional expenses that aren't listed.

Download the Excel version or PDF Version.

comparison screenshot