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Application Deadlines

Please note that if an application deadline lands on a weekend, the actual application deadline is the following Monday.

International/north2north Exchange and Study Abroad
March 1st for Summer, Fall, and Academic Year programs

October 1st for Spring and Calendar Year programs (not all programs are available for a spring semester start)

November 1st for programs to Japan (priority deadline; some campuses may be available for application after this date)

National Student Exchange
March 1st - priority deadline for fall semester, academic year, and following spring semester; some schools and/or plans are not available after this deadline

April 15th - final deadline for Fall or Academic Year

October 1st - final deadline for Spring

NOTE on Terms Available for Applications:
If you are applying to the National Student Exchange, the term 'NSE Programs' applies to the priority deadline for the following academic year, including spring only requests.

Calendar Year refers to a program that starts in the Spring semester and continues through the Fall semester of the same year.  This term usually applies to programs in the Southern Hemisphere.

Programs with earlier dealines

Please note that there are several programs that have earlier deadlines for Fall and/or Spring due to the host university application being earlier than UAF's default deadline. If the university has a different deadline than what is listed above, it will be highlighted below (if either Fall or Spring is blank, that means the deadline is the default deadline from above)
Host University UAF Deadline for Fall Programs UAF Deadline for Spring Programs
Akita International University (KEI) February 5 September 15
Lulea University of Technology   September 15
National University of Singapore   August 25
Nord University   September 8
Norwegian University of Life Sciences   September 1
Sciences Po Rennes   September 15
Stockholm University   September 8
Tohoku University February 5  
Umea University   September 15
University of Bergen   September 15
University of Carlos III of Madrid   September 15
University of Lapland   September 15
University of Neuchatel   September 1
University of Sussex February 14 September 8
Waseda University February 14