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Application Deadlines

Please note that if an application deadline lands on a weekend, the actual application deadline is the following Monday.

International/north2north Exchange and Study Abroad
March 1st for Summer, Fall, and Academic Year programs

October 1st for Spring and Calendar Year programs (not all programs are available for a spring semester start)

November 1st for programs to Japan (priority deadline; some campuses be available for application after this date)

National Student Exchange
March 1st - priority deadline for fall semester, academic year, and following spring semester; some schools and/or plans are not available after this deadline

April 15th - final deadline for Fall or Academic Year

October 1st - final deadline for Spring

NOTE on Terms Available for Applications:
If you are applying to the National Student Exchange, the term 'NSE Programs' applies to the priority deadline for the following academic year, including spring only requests.

Calendar Year refers to a program that starts in the Spring semester and continues through the Fall semester of the same year.  This term usually applies to programs in the Southern Hemisphere.