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Incoming Exchange

We are glad that you are interested in studying at UAF for one or more semesters!  On this page, you will find more information about how to apply to study at UAF as a visiting student.  How you apply depends on which university you are coming from:


National Student Exchange students:

  • You must apply with your home campus NSE office. Your home office will request a placement at UAF.
  • You will receive an e-mail from our office after your university has submitted your signed Placement Acceptance Form with instructions for how to be admitted.

International students:

  • north2north Applicants - MUST APPLY TO YOUR HOME CAMPUS BY FEBRUARY 15 for both Fall and Spring if you want to be considered for a tuition waiver
    • You must apply to your home university prior to February 15. Depending in which country your home university is located will determine the application procedures after you have received home university approval:
    • Students who are selected to receive waivers by the north2north Mobility Office will receive follow-up application materials from UAF by mid-March for Fall placement or mid-September for Spring placement.
    • If you do not receive a waiver, you can apply to UAF as a fee-paying student. You would pay tuition and fees to UAF at the nonresident rate.
    • Not sure if you are part of the north2north? See the list of north2north schools: click here
  • Students from partner universities:
    • You will need to be nominated by your home university International Office coordinator by March 15 for both fall and spring exchange placement requests.  Once we receive your nomination, we will email you our application materials.
    • Not sure if your university is an exchange partner?  Our current list of bilateral partnerships where we are accepting students from can be found HERE.
  • Students from non-partner universities:
    • Please contact our office directly to let us know you would like to study with us! We accept students to study at UAF for one or two semesters on a study-abroad basis. You would pay tuition and fees to UAF at the non-resident rate.

UAF has limited exchange placements available. Students from partner universities who are not issued a tuition waiver are welcome to apply as fee-paying study abroad students. If you are a resident of a sister city, you qualify for resident tuition. If you are not a resident of a sister city, you will be responsible for paying tuition at the non-resident rate.

Nomination Deadline for Tuition Waiver:

north2north Students: Academic Year, Fall, and Spring - February 15
You must complete the north2north application with your appropriate agency PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 15. The north2north Agency will select the students to receive a tuition waiver. UAF will then follow up with the selected students regarding next steps.

Students from bilateral partners: Academic Year, Fall, and Spring - March 15
In order to considered for a tuition waiver, your home university coordinator MUST nominate you prior to March 15. Tuition waivers are not available after this deadline.

National Student Exchange: Check with your home NSE coordinator.
There is a priority deadline that is typically in late-February; if you wish to have consideration for home payment placement at UAF, you must apply by the priority deadline at your home campus. UAF can accept host payment nominations up until the week before classes start at UAF (though your home campus may have a much earlier deadline).

Application Requirements Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 (all items must be in English):

Updated materials for future academic years should be posted by the end of February each year.

International Student from non-partner universities - additional application requirements:

We are able to admit international students who do not attend a partner university.  If you would like to apply as a study abroad student, you will have a few additional items as part of your application process:
  • All items listed above
  • a letter from your International Office (preferred), department, or faculty letting our office know they are aware of your intent to study at UAF and verifying that courses you take while at UAF will transfer back to your home university and be used towards your degree program
  • If your native language is not English, TOEFL scores meeting minimum requirements: score of 79 (internet-based), 213 (computer exam) or 550 (paper exam). OR The minimum required IELTS score is 6.5.
  • have at least 51% of your funding be from a source other than personal or family funding (loans count as personal funding), such as a government grant or scholarship
If you believe you will be able to meet these additional requirements, please email our office to let us know your intent to apply as a study abroad student.

Student Deadline to Submit Paperwork to UAF:

International Students (including those from Canada through NSE):
Academic Year or Fall: 1 April*
*north2north applicants have an initial application due to the north2north Mobility Office by February 15 in order to be eligible for a tuition waiver.

Spring: October 1
If you are applying for an exchange waiver for spring, you must be nominated by your home university by March 15.

Domestic National Student Exchange students:
Check with your home NSE Coordinator. You must have completed your home university application by their appropriate deadlines.

UAF can accept documents from domestic students up until the first day of class for each semester, though the earlier you turn in your paperwork, the earlier you can begin registration and apply for housing.

Are you an international student that has already been admitted to UAF? Check out the International Student Handbook!